Being healthy is more than just working out.  Being healthy also looks different for different people, and it looks different for the same person throughout a lifetime.  Good health is a balance of four key factors: fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and connection.  Fitness:  a mixture of cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and balance training.  Nutrition: a variety of nutrient-dense, whole, real foods and sufficient water to fuel your body and your best efforts.  Rest and Mindfulness: adequate daily, weekly, and seasonal recovery time and the body-awareness to know when to back intensity down or turn it up.  Meaningful Connections to and through your Exercise Community: quarterly exercise-based fundraisers to support organizations serving our community, Bring a Friend Rewards allowing you to build your personal exercise community, and educational and social events as interest warrants.  Personal training with Fit4 will help you find a balance that works with your life.

About Rebecca

My goal is to make fitness and healthful living fun and accessible to all ages, regardless of where you are in your journey, and to encourage fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and connection for a whole life and a whole lifetime.

I am a certified Personal Trainer (ACE) with a Specialty Certification in Functional Training, a Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning Instructor, and a certified group fitness instructor.  As a former college cross country runner and marathoner, I appreciate the physical and mental benefits of a long run.  However, after having four kids in three years (twins!), I now focus on strength training and healthy eating habits as the most time-efficient way to obtain overall fitness, real-world durability, and healthy movement patterns. 

Whether you are looking for individual or small group training or if you just need some help getting a sensible fitness plan in place, I look forward to hearing from you to figure out how I can best help you meet your fitness and health goals.

About Fit4