Most neighborhood pools are heading into their last few weeks of the summer season. Get a head start on your fall fitness routine by taking advantage of the many benefits of training in the water. Here are some top reasons for training in the pool:

Resource: Keller, Joy and Judy Meyer. “Top Reasons to Train in the Pool.” IDEA Fitness Journal, Volume 12, Issue 7.

Dive In:  Deep Water Training

  • Hydrostatic pressure on joints has been found to benefit individuals suffering from inflammatory diseases.

  • Water resistance challenges muscles from all angles, affording more opportunities for strength training.

  • Studies have shown that water exercise provides “significant decreases in pain and depression” for individuals with fibromyalgia.

  • A person's weight is reduced 90% by the buoyancy of water, which means less stress on joints and a low-impact environment.

  • Moving in water is more difficult than moving through air, because water is approximately 800 times more dense than air. The benefit for exercisers is a greater calorie burn. The deeper the water, the greater the calorie burn. Working out in deep water averages 9.8 calories burned per minute, a rate that is comparable to walking or jogging at a 10-11 minute mile pace.

Posted 20 August 2015