Put your workout to work helping others

The Workout:  AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

Several brave and generous souls headed out into the rain to participate in Fit4's first fundraising event for SPAN at Dauntless Fitness.  We had two groups, one at 6pm (shown above) and another group at 7pm.  Everyone had a good strength workout, and we were able to raise 55 food items (also totaling 55lbs) and $360 for SPAN.

Connection is one of the four principals that Fit4 works to encourage.  In addition to the bonds that participants develop in workout groups, another important form of connection that Fit4 works to foster is meaningful connection to the community through exercise.  Fit4 provides people with an opportunity to do good in their community while also doing good for their bodies through fundraising workouts four times per year.  Watch for future opportunities to put your workout to work helping others.

*  10 Hanging Leg Raises
*  10 Glute Bridge
*  10 OH Squish Ball Slams
*  10 TRX Rows
*  10 Front Lunge

Participants in the 6pm SPAN fundraiser workout.

Good for the Body.  Good for the Community.

55 lbs of food and $360 in exchange for  .....

SPAN is a local emergency assistance network and for over 25 years has been helping our neighbors through a critical or emergency situation such as utility turn-offs, court-ordered evictions, prescription/medical co-pays and food. They can’t do it alone - With your help they are able to Make a Difference Everyday - A Difference Today That Will Last For Many Tomorrows.

For more information on SPAN please contact spanhelps@yahoo.com or SPANHELPS.ORG

* 10 Step ups with Bicep curls
* "Sled" Push (2 up and back)
*  10 Pushups
*  10 Squats
*  Waiter Carry (2 trips/side)