About Program Design

I really love my plan! I am amazed at how quickly I am progressing and I never made progress like this when I was doing it on my own. I can feel and see where I have gained strength.

~Beth D.

~Chris A.

I have learned so much working with Rebecca. I not only learned weight lifting techniques and workout sets, I've also learned a lot about my myself. Rebecca helped me push past what I thought I could do to what I am capable of. I didn't realize that I was limiting myself because I didn't think I could do it. Through Rebecca's coaching and encouragement, I am learning to accept when my body has had enough and push myself when I have more to give to the workout.  Even my husband and kids are getting into the workouts and are working on their pull-ups at home with me as well.

What Clients Are Saying

I have been physically active with regular exercise (weights, cardio, spin, cross-training, etc) my entire adult life and have always considered myself to be in good physical condition. I am always looking for ways to change up my workout routine so I signed up for Rebecca's strength class. Best move I ever made!  After eight weeks, I can feel a significant difference in my overall fitness level. My balance, core strength, confidence in performing everyday "functional" activities, and general sense of well-being has improved.  My husband even told our USNA midshipmen (who are football players) to feel my biceps!  Ha!  This started a whole conversation about how their lifts and my lifts are very similar.  They were impressed  ...talk about a confidence booster!

Rebecca brings a lot of enthusiasm to each and every class and makes a rigorous workout seem like a fun, no-pressure experience. She encourages everyone to work hard but to not be shy about easing off if necessary. It is obvious to all who work with her that she is a wealth of knowledge in both exercise and nutrition.  Everything Rebecca has taught me follows me into the rest of my life!

~Ronda Q.